Aim & Scope


International Journal of Theological and Islamic Studies - JIST (Marmara Üniversitesi İlahiyat Fakültesi Dergisi - MÜİFD) is an international, peer-reviewed, open-access and multidisciplinary academic journal issued twice a year. It is one of the oldest and uninterruptedly published academic journals (since 1963) and one of the most respected ones in the fields of theological and Islamic studies in Turkey. The JIST is dedicated to bringing to the attention of the international scholarly community well-written original research articles by qualified specialists in theological and Islamic studies. It aims at providing a forum to share and discuss new academic findings and supporting the development of fresh scholarly discussions, examinations, reinterpretations and approaches.

As a journal with the mission of contributing to high-quality academic studies, spreading academic knowledge and making it accessible to all parts of the society, the JIST maintains an open-access policy. All materials published in the journal are accessible, free of charge, via the website of the journal. All materials can be downloaded without a membership or payment. No fee is expected from authors for any reason.



Issued by the Faculty of Theology of Marmara University, the JIST publishes research articles, research notes, book and conference reviews and obituary notes related to any subdiscipline of theological and Islamic studies. These include historical studies and modern interpretations of Qur’anic and hadith studies, fiqh, kalam, Sufism, Islamic history, Islamic intellectual tradition as well as theological, religious and philosophical studies. The journal considers articles in Turkish, English, and Arabic, and occasionally publishes scholarly contributions in Persian, German, and French.

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